Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs - Journey to the lost world. Adventures of the favorite characters are not finished! In fact, all the fun is just beginning! Mammoths and Elly Manny, Sid sloth, saber-toothed tiger Diego and other characters familiar from previous episodes «Ice Age», returning in a new movie and the same game «Ice Age 3: The era of dinosaurs».

Probirayas through the tundra, friends discover a mysterious, hidden under the ice of the tropical world, population ... these dinosaurs. Sid, who has a delusional idea to create his own tribe, rashly kidnaps several eggs prehistoric pangolin, thereby navlekaya trouble for themselves and their friends. Thus begins the new, more exciting and thrilling adventure of fun, where you too can take part.

# As a movie, and even more! In the game you will be able to repeat the events of the cartoon, as well as take part in adventures, not shown on the big screen. You will meet with old friends and new characters, including protein-letyagu Skretti and dinosaur hunter to caress Baca.
# Merry Company! For the first time in history, playing a series of Ice Age, you can manage more than six different characters. Each of them features that are useful in any situation. Assignments vary from risky jumps across the gap solutions to puzzles.
# Awesome adventure! Enjoy 15 colorful stages, each of which opens up new facets of the game. Learn each character, develop his unique abilities, and then in clashes with enemies in the dangerous journey to cross and to overcome difficult obstacles you will not be equal!
# Exciting mini-games! With Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs you have fun time with friends, because in exciting mini-attractions can participate at once, four players.